Sep 24, 2014

Tips to De-Clutter and Get Some Money For Your Stuff

It's amazing how much stuff you can accumulate especially with young children in the household.  Prior to leaving on our 'Big Trip' of 2011 and now again prior to our immigration to Canada, we had to de-clutter our house. This time, we also aimed to get rid of our 2 vehicles, almost all of our furniture and unnecessary items such as home decor.  Sure, you can throw away stuff you don't need, or give it away to friends or charities.  But for us, we also like to make a few extra dollars 'recycling' it as the money would certainly come in handy when having to replace it once we moved to Canada.  

I'm happy to report that we managed to sell most everything we had intended to, and found homes for the rest.  Here's some Tips on how to get rid of your stuff, based on our recent experience in Australia: