Oct 25, 2010

Three Months To Go

With 3 months to go, here's where we're at:
  •  Everything checked off the previous To-Do List!
  • Eddie & Yasmine
    • House to be listed For Rent at the end of Nov
    • Citizenship Ceremony: Nov 10
    • Passport Applications completed and waiting to be submitted after 10 Nov
    • Appointment to see Solicitor re Wills:  today
    • Excess toys sold at Toy Sale:  net $71.00
    • Too-small clothing culled, to be given away
    • New home found for Eddie
  •  New To-Do List for November:
    • Get passport pics for Jim, Maddy & Yasmine
    • Research Visa Requirements for all countries to be visited (9)
    •  Vaccination Update:
      • The girls have prescriptions for TYPHERIX (Typhoid) and HAVRIX JR (Hep A).  They'll get the Hep A jab the day before we leave and we'll get our TWINRIX then too so that we can all time the second jab to be received in Bangkok at the end of Feb, thus saving us money.
      • We're going to get our DUKORAL (cholera) in Bangkok too--much cheaper.
      • I received my BOOSTRIX and TYPHIM IV jabs today--so far, I have very sore arms :(

        Oct 17, 2010

        Travel Vaccination Update

        Just spent the past 2hrs trolling through the LP Online Thorn Tree Forum on ‘Health’—such great and useful info that I wished I’d read yesterday BEFORE I filled the prescriptions today for some of our travel vaccinations!!!  Was referred to 2 highly recommended and reputable clinics in Bangkok (one of them is the Red Cross) that charge half to a third of what I just paid today :( But having said that, we

        Oct 16, 2010

        The First 'TO-DO' List

        Arghh, with just under 4 months to go, the ‘To-Do List’ needs more ‘doing’!!  So to keep myself on track, I think I’ll have to break down my list weekly.  So this week:

        With 4 Months to go, Book'em Dano!

        We took the BIG step and booked our first (of many) flights!  Thanks to our new found ‘friends’ Our Travel Lifestyle :: Changing your families life for the better we learned about an AIRASIA sale already in progress.  Got a great deal flying Melbourne-Kuala Lumpur (KL), one way for all four of us including

        Sign Of The Times

        When I first started traveling in 2000, I took a pocket camera with me and lots and lots of film.  Internet cafes were around, but mostly with slow dial-up access.  I sent lots of postcards to friends and family.
        On our second trip in 2003, we had a 2MP digital camera with

        Blogs Are The BEST

        While we had always aimed to travel in the year prior to Maddy starting school, we still had not committed to it.  At the beginning of this year, I gave us til May to do so. Come May, we committed. 

        In the Beginning...

        Well, this is it--our first blog, EVER.  My name is Jess and I'm a Canadian who went on my first backpacking trip solo in 2000, and ended up doing a 18 month long trip covering most of Western Europe, a bit of Eastern Europe, Morocco, Turkey, Egypt, and SEA.  I met my husband Jim, an Aussie, during this trip while both of us were traveling in Turkey.  He first started backpacking in the mid-90's, covering the USA, SEA and Europe, with favourite destinations being India and Thailand.  He generally traveled solo and did so for usually months at a time.