Feb 27, 2011

City Life: KL to Bangkok

Our travels have stepped up a notch.  Our time in Bali was consciously low-key, keeping mostly with Maddy and Yasmine’s regular eating and sleeping routine as at home. We weren’t overly ambitious with our day, enjoying a mellow eat/swim/eat/sleep/eat/swim sort of day.  But now we’ve exchanged the idyllic ‘vacation-pace’ of Bali for bustling city-life.  Needless to say, the transition has made it a busy week,

Feb 21, 2011

Bali: The Good, The Bad, & The So-So

Our time here in Bali is at its end and our overall conclusion of the island is a positive one.  There’s certainly plenty on offer here, from trekking, to diving to adrenaline sports like river rafting and mountain biking, to shopping, or to enjoy the cultural offerings although traveling with young children has certainly limited our options.  Nevertheless, we did thoroughly enjoy our time here, but for probably different reasons than most.  

Feb 18, 2011

Three Weeks On, So How Are The Girls Travelling??

It’s been 3 weeks since we left Australia, so how are the girls adjusting to life on the road??  Much to our delight and surprise, Maddy and Yasmine are handling it very well.  Naturally, there are challenges but also we are seeing the reward already too.

Choosing Bali as a first stop has worked out very well.  Although there is much to see and do here,

Feb 10, 2011

Guest House Friendships

One of the best things about travelling is the other travellers that you meet and if you’re lucky, often the most obvious place that you make friends is at the guest house/hostel/pension which you are staying at.