Aug 28, 2012

Meet Our Newest Family Member

We’ve been back 7 months now, and have just added to  our family of four. Daisy was born 9 March 2012 and has beautiful soft golden curls, black-brown eyes and is gentle yet playful.  At present, she weighs about 4.6kg (10lbs) and is of average height--she's not going to be a 'big' girl. Our girls are over-the-moon with Daisy, and the I think the feeling is mutual.

Aug 14, 2012

What's A Birthday Without A Party?!

People that know us would probably agree that we don’t spoil our kids—at least not with material possessions anyway.  But we do love to indulge them with typical childhood experiences and this includes annual birthday parties.  In fact, our youngest daughter's been looking forward to it since we’ve returned home.