Apr 21, 2014

48 hrs in Kuala Lumpur With Kids--What To Do

We’re not usually fans of big cities due to the faster pace, increased traffic and higher cost of accommodation.  On the other hand, cities can also offer interesting opportunities not readily available elsewhere.  So we consciously chose to have a 48hr stop over in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to seek out some things to do with the kids and came up with more than we actually had time for!  What did we get up to?

Visit Petrosains Discovery Centre
Located on the top floor of the Suria KLCC Shopping Centre, Petrosains Discovery Centre is THE coolest science centre that we’ve been too!  Although it’s parent company is Petronas, the oil giant, and there is quite an emphasis on the petroleum industry including an oil platform exhibit, the centre is quite comprehensive in its coverage of science in general.  But more importantly, its displays are highly interactive and fun, for all ages!  Detailed explainations are offered in an easy to understand manner, or even in short video presentations.  While we were there, they were also running live mini demonstrations called ‘The Ewwe Factor’ that challenged the observer to use their senses up close and to appreciate the science in seemingly gross things like excrement and vomit.  All in all, it was a big day.  We spent a total of 5 hrs experimenting, learning and having fun, broken up by a lunch break in the food court of the shopping centre.

Top speed in the Hurricane Simulation Chamber!

The Ewwee Factor--Poop Station

F1 Racing Simulator

Jim, the F1 Driver

Trying her hand at downhill skiing dynamics

Measuring the force of her jump

Trying her hand at being a soccer goalie

Petrosains is closed on Mondays.  We went first thing in the morning when it opened at 9:30am which was a good strategy as it was much quieter and we didn’t have to wait for entry nor for use of the displays.  You can ask for a same-day re-entry band so that you can exit for a break and/or lunch thus preventing information overload!  There is also a special Family Rate (2A + 2C) for RM50, which is about $17AUD/USD.  We especially loved the displays/activities in the ‘Speed’ section of the centre.

Watch a Hollywood Movie
The movie theatres are state of the art in KL, and the movies are in English and are often released in advance of Australia too.  Within the downtown area of KL, there are at least 3 good theatres, located at the Pavillion Shopping Centre, Berjaya Times Square and in the Suria KLCC Shopping Centre.  Many theatres offer discounted daytime showings too.  We caught ‘Rio 2’ at KLCC for RM7 each, which is the equivalent of $2.23 AUD/USD per person!  A regular popcorn (which is quite large) is RM7.50 and you could get caramel flavour too!  A great treat and respite from the heat of the day.

Play in KLCC Park
Located behind the shopping centre, just beyond the massive water fountain, you will find the expansive KLCC Park.  Meandering pathways, grassy bits, and a large playground for the kids are the highlights here.  Also, there is a water play area nearby too.  And it’s all free!  Keep in mind the posted ‘rules’ and that it is closed for maintenance on Mondays.

KLCC Water Park

KLCC Playground area

We had also wanted to check these out, but didn’t have time:
*Desa WaterPark
*Berjaya Times Square Family Amusement Park

Kuala Lumpur is actually a very beautiful city, with lots of natural greenery and trees throughout its central business and tourist district.  And there is lots to do there with kids, to suit short and longer visits.  We really enjoyed our 48hrs there—who knows when we’ll be back to check out the rest?!

KL on a quiet Sunday morning


  1. Never heard of a shopping mall which had a science museum/center at the top of it! Very clever idea, especially for keeping children entertained. Would love to visit Malaysia!

  2. I love your travel blog and style of writing! I enjoyed reading about your traveling adventures as a family and I am following you to keep up on your blog :) My husband and I are about to embark on our own travels in Europe for 3-4 months and would love fellow travelers follow us and give us advice along the way! Our website is www.RussosAbroad.com :D

  3. So envious of your travels Jim & Jess! Travelling vicariously through your blog ... thanks! x