Jan 12, 2011

The Final Stretch: Packing It Up

Can you believe its all in there??!!  I can't!
After 7+ months of planning, dreaming, and organizing, we are finally down to the 'final stretch' before our dream holiday.  We have 13 sleeps to go--well, probably more like 12 as our flight from Melbourne is in the middle of the night, so not sure how much sleep we'll actually get!  

Many emotions are flooding our beings, ranging from panic ("Oh My God, we still have so much to do!), to excitement (especially from the girls, who can't wait to be finally on our way to our 'holiday'), to slight sadness (we've started to say our good-byes to friends and family) but most importantly, to acceptance--that indeed, we are actually going to do this!!
While we still feel we have a lot to do and not a lot of time to do it, in reality we think we are on track.  The 'List' is getting smaller and smaller and things are starting to come together.

We did a 'trial packing' of our backpacks the other day and surprisingly not only did we fit everything in, we still had quite a bit of volume and weight available!  Can't believe that we used to travel with these same two backpacks stuffed to the brim, but with only our own stuff in it!!! Now we are carrying 4 people's things!!  Jim attributes this to 2 reasons:  greater 'technology' in gear (smaller, lighter) and also that we packing primarily for 1 season only.  Whatever our secret, at least I can sleep a bit better now knowing that we can carry it all and not to have to worry about the baggage weight limits.  So far, we have 2 main backpacks at approx 12kg/26lbs each, although we will have a few extra kilo here and there in order to complete the packing--not bad though!  

Most of what we are carrying include:
  • 3 Pairs of Shoes each:  Runners, Crocs/Flip flops, and sandals
  • Jess Clothing:  s/s shirts x 2, L/S shirt x 1, dresses x 2, leggings x 1, loose pants x 1; skirts x 2; shorts x 2; rain poncho, yoga jacket, underwear/bra x 3ea; bikini x 2, socks x 2, hat
  • Girls Clothing (each):  L/S shirt x 1, s/s shirt x 2, tank tops x 2, dress x 2, shorts x 2, skirts x 2, leggings x 2, light jacket, rain jacket, bathers, socks x 4, underwear x 3, PJs x 1, hat
  • Jim:  shirts x 3, pants/shorts x 2, shorts/bathers x 1, fisherman pants x 1, socks x 2, rain poncho, underwear x 3, hat
  • Head Torch x 2
  • LED pocket torch x 2
  • Sleep Sheets x 2 (for kids only)
  • Self-Inflating Mats/Therma Rest x 2 (in case the kids need to sleep on the floor)
  • Sarongs x 4
  • Travel Towels x 2
  • Ear Plugs
  • Small Pocket Knife
  • Small Compass
  • Laptop + charger
  • iPod Touch + charger, cables
  • Digital Camera + charger, memory cards
  • Portable HDD
  • Guidebooks x 2
  • Misc books x 2
  • Storybooks for kids x 5 (thin paperbacks)
  • Toiletries:  Shampoo, Body Wash, Body Lotion, Toothpaste, floss, facial cleanser, conditioner, hair ties, sunscreen, scrubber cloth x 2, comb, brush
  • Medical Kit:  bandaids, antiseptic spray, cotton buds, alcohol wipes, asthma inhalers + spacer, immodium, electrolyte tablets, paracetamol (kids/adults), eczema cream, tweezers, thermometer, 
  • Small sewing kit
  • Kids Stuff  (to be carried in their own daybags):  scissors, tape, glue stick, hot wheels cars x 2, 'polly pocket' dolls x 1, crayons, pen, pad of paper, stuffed animal

Also, another major hurdle is also coming together--we've currently got 3 applications for tenancy for our house, all for occupancy on our preferred date, so in the next few days we should have that finalized too, fingers crossed.  Thank G-D too, as making your house presentable for inspections is a LOT OF WORK!!! The packing up of the house is well and truly underway and by early next week, it should really start hitting home as we start moving the furniture out and we're left to sit on the floor :)

Just some of our 'stuff'--more to come!

And the in-laws have come down from the roof ;)  While they probably aren't happy for us, it seems that they too, have moved on to 'acceptance'.  And they'll let us park our car there for the next year.

For now, like at Christmas the girls are counting down the number of sleeps left...13...and Mom and Dad are getting exhausted from the Pre-Trip preparations--WE NEED A HOLIDAY!!


  1. That's really fantastic how you managed to fit all that into those two back packs. Will have to keep what you have listed in mind for us when we travel.
    BTW, if you want to come stay with us before you leave and if all your furniture is gone, you are quite welcome. If not, take care, safe travel and happy adventuring. Phil, Ron & Lee

  2. Good health & good luck on your adventure, cousin. Such a wonderful way to keep your family a close one, by sharing such amazing times together.

    Jennifer N.

  3. Well done guys! I can't believe how little you are travelling with. We have two packs a bit smaller than yours, a daypack and a huge IT backpack ... we love out IT! I guess the difference is we're working as we travel so we have two laptops plus hard drives etc! Still well done on getting it all into two packs. Happy countdown!