Nov 1, 2010

Update on Visa Requirements

Its a mixed result on the topic of visa requirements for the countries that we are planning to visit.  On the upside, about half of them will not required us to pay or obtain any visas in advance.  But on the down side, it looks like we'll have to fork out a bit of money for the visas that we do need to get, plus a bit of time visiting a couple of consulates/embassies to do so.

Here's what we know so far:

Malaysia N
90 d free
Indonesia Y on arrival 30 d $25 USD
Thailand N
30 d free
Cambodia Y on arrival/online in advance 30 d $25 USD
Vietnam Y in advance 30 d $25 USD /1000 THB
Philippines N
21 d free
India Y in advance 180 mo $93 AUS
Sri Lanka N
30 d free
China Y in advance 90 d $30 USD
Singapore N
30 d free

Due to visas being required to be obtained in advance for both Vietnam and India, we are going to obtain them in Bangkok in Feb.  We've decided this for for a couple of reasons.  Firstly, there isn't a consulate/embassy for Vietnam in our home city so we'd have to send our documents and passports via Registered Mail to Canberra, Australia, and their return.  This is quite expensive.  It'll be just as easy (and it'll work out cheaper) for us to just apply in person at the Embassy in Bangkok.  Secondly, timing is an issue.  Most visas are valid from the time that they are issued with a set expiry date.  It may be too early to apply for our visa to India prior to our departure from Australia, so Bangkok or Chiang Mai may be the place that we obtain them.


  1. That list looks right from what we've paid! Don't forget some countries had departure taxes as well - Indonesia was about $10 and Cambodia was $8-25 depending on what airport/border you were leaving from.
    I have heard that kids under 12 are supposed to get a free visa for Cambodia - it actually says that on the visa they put in the passport but they cross it out to scam you. I'm not sure if you will ever find anyone willing to give you the free visa but worth trying!
    With Vietnam you can actually apply for a preapproval for the visa - a tour agent can arrange it for you and then you just show it at the airport and pay your fees. Its easier to just go to the embassy but in case you run out of time its worth keeping this one up your sleeve!!!

  2. thanks for that--forgot about the departure tax! as for vietnam--we are entering overland so i don't think we can do the pre-approval thing as its via airport arrivals only, right?