Jun 27, 2012

Report Cards in Kindergarten?!

After 5 months at school in kindergarten (aka ‘Prep’), Maddy came home with her first report card.  Between our little bit of ad-hoc interest-led style of home-schooling while we were away, and now being a part of the public state education system, albeit following the International Baccalaureat philosophy of learning, we were keen to read how she’s officially doing.  And the results shocked us quite a bit. 

(Disclaimer:  This isn't meant to be a boring I'm-bragging-about-how-great-my-kid-is post, but merely another chapter in our ongoing *experiment* as parents.  So if you chose to continue reading, which I hope you do, please keep this in mind!) 

Jun 14, 2012

Best Family Beaches in Asia

For those who know us well, we’re a family of beach bums!  We absolutely love being at the beach:  the kids love to play in the sand and frolic in the water and mom and dad love to laze in the sun, go for a swim and maybe even read a book. As such, we consider ourselves somewhat of ‘connoisseurs’ when it comes to picking to perfect beach. 

So what do we consider a perfect family beach?

Jun 5, 2012

I'm A Travel Writer!

Can you believe it??!!  I’ve just had my first ever article published today as a Travel Writer.  Special thanks to fellow traveling parent Talon Windwalker for making this possible and to the team at Travel Generation

Hopefully this is just the first of many more,  but for now, head on over to their website  to check it out and leave some comment love (leave some here too please!)!