Jun 14, 2012

Best Family Beaches in Asia

For those who know us well, we’re a family of beach bums!  We absolutely love being at the beach:  the kids love to play in the sand and frolic in the water and mom and dad love to laze in the sun, go for a swim and maybe even read a book. As such, we consider ourselves somewhat of ‘connoisseurs’ when it comes to picking to perfect beach. 

So what do we consider a perfect family beach?

Ideally the water has to be calm, with a ‘shallow entry’ which makes it safer for young children.  A sea temperature above 22 degrees is also preferred.  Clean and clear water would make it perfect.

The beach itself should be spacious, not crowded and relatively clean.  We also like sandy beaches with lots of natural beauty.  Amenities such as inexpensive food and drinks, toilet facilities would be great.  Beach umbrellas and sun loungers/chairs and free Wi-Fi would make it perfect (after all, we are budget conscious too!)

So did we actually find beaches during our 12 month travels through Southeast Asia and India that could fulfil our ‘perfect beach checklist’?

YOU BET!  Here’s our Top 5 Best Family Beaches in Asia list.  If your tastes are like ours, try to check one out if you happen to be in the neighbourhood, with or without the kiddies in tow!

#5  Pagudpud, PHILIPPINES

Pagudpud Beach

It's a bit of a hike to get to Pagudpud, located in the northern tip of the main island of Luzon, but it's so worth it!  The water and the beach were the cleanest here that we found anywhere in our time in Asia.  Turquoise-blue, warm, calm waters with white baby-powder-like sand beaches.  Just enough facilities (but no Wi-Fi when we were there) and best of all, during mid-week, you’d have the beach to yourself. 

#4  Palolem Beach, Goa, INDIA

Palolem Beach

Palolem, located along the southern beaches of Goa, on the West Coast of southern India, is a great place for families to holiday.  The bay is calm, the water is warm, and the beach is surprisingly clean.  There are lots of accommodation right on the beachfront during peak season, which runs from November to March, but be sure to book ahead.   Outside of this time, these places actually get taken down but there are plenty of other options around. 

#3  Hat Salat, Ko Pha Ngan, THAILAND

Hat Salat

Located on the most northern end of the westcoast of the infamous party island of Ko Pha Ngan, Hat Salat is a picturesque bay far away from party central. Just the right amount of amenities here, along with beach front accommodation in a variety of price ranges.  Very family oriented.

#2  Sanur, BALI


Sanur is a very over-looked beach destination in Bali and that is precisely why we loved it there.  And it had the sun loungers, umbrellas, well-priced food and beverages, and even massages on the beach and vendor stalls to shop.  Bliss.

#1  Serendipity Beach, Sihanoukville, CAMBODIA

Serendipity Beach

This was our family’s all-round BEST BEACH because it ticked ALL the boxes, plus it was CHEAP, you could get pampered on the beach and the locals were so lovely.  TIP:  we thought the best spot on the beach was by the grove of trees near the pier, which provided lots of shade for the children while they played in the sand.  The restaurants here were all very good too and with purchase, you can enjoy their chairs/sun loungers free of charge.  Many even have free Wi-Fi!  Awesome view of the sunset too.  (Note:  the cleaniness of the beach could be better, but this is all relative!)

Do you have any favourites in Asia that you'd like to add to the list? Add it in the Comments! For more of our picks of beaches in SEA, check these out our recommendations for the 5 Best Beaches Away From The Crowds In Asia.


  1. Some good choices above. We really loved Koh Tao, Thailand and Langkawi , Malaysia. Bali beaches were nice but a bit crowded for our taste.
    Safe travels.

    1. Yes, we find travelling with kids now changes our priorities for many things, including how we choose our beaches! Thanks for your comment!

  2. So happy that a Goa beach made it! Although I have to say that wi-fi would not be on my list of requirements - I feel like a beach is one of the few things that forces me to disconnect :) The pictures are gorgeous.

    1. hi diya
      when you tend to spend all day at the beach as we do, it's handy to be able to have the *option* to be connected, if only just for catching up on the news, etc! We were so impressed with the beaches in Goa!