Oct 25, 2010

Three Months To Go

With 3 months to go, here's where we're at:
  •  Everything checked off the previous To-Do List!
  • Eddie & Yasmine
    • House to be listed For Rent at the end of Nov
    • Citizenship Ceremony: Nov 10
    • Passport Applications completed and waiting to be submitted after 10 Nov
    • Appointment to see Solicitor re Wills:  today
    • Excess toys sold at Toy Sale:  net $71.00
    • Too-small clothing culled, to be given away
    • New home found for Eddie
  •  New To-Do List for November:
    • Get passport pics for Jim, Maddy & Yasmine
    • Research Visa Requirements for all countries to be visited (9)
    •  Vaccination Update:
      • The girls have prescriptions for TYPHERIX (Typhoid) and HAVRIX JR (Hep A).  They'll get the Hep A jab the day before we leave and we'll get our TWINRIX then too so that we can all time the second jab to be received in Bangkok at the end of Feb, thus saving us money.
      • We're going to get our DUKORAL (cholera) in Bangkok too--much cheaper.
      • I received my BOOSTRIX and TYPHIM IV jabs today--so far, I have very sore arms :(


        1. Hey Jess, thanks for this blog I'll be certain to be a regular visitor. xoxo K

        2. Typhim hurts worse than all the rest!!! Definitely save that one till last for the girls. The new blog design is looking great and looking forward to reading more about your travel plans over the next three months. Your itinerary is awesome - I don't want to show Colin as he'll be wanting to stalk you guys through India and China (the next places he wants to go!).