Oct 17, 2010

Travel Vaccination Update

Just spent the past 2hrs trolling through the LP Online Thorn Tree Forum on ‘Health’—such great and useful info that I wished I’d read yesterday BEFORE I filled the prescriptions today for some of our travel vaccinations!!!  Was referred to 2 highly recommended and reputable clinics in Bangkok (one of them is the Red Cross) that charge half to a third of what I just paid today :( But having said that, we may end up getting our rabies shots there as we really don’t need them as badly in the first month of our trip in Bali anyway.  May also get boosters for Twinrix there too and Malarone for malaria.  Will save BIG $$ that way and it fits into our itinerary before we head into Cambodia and Vietnam.  LOVE LP ONLINE!!

As for the prescriptions that we already filled, we’ve got Twinrix (HepA/B), Boostrix (Diptheria/polio/tetanus/pertussis), and Typhim Vi (typhoid).  Have scripts for Dukoral (cholera) too, but have also heard through LP Online that you can get them in Canada over-the-counter, so am currently looking into the cost of it over there.

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