Oct 16, 2010

The First 'TO-DO' List

Arghh, with just under 4 months to go, the ‘To-Do List’ needs more ‘doing’!!  So to keep myself on track, I think I’ll have to break down my list weekly.  So this week:
  • Complete Passport Applications for Jim, Maddy and myself (Yasmine ok)
  • call Real Estate Agents (2) to have them come and appraise the house for rental purposes
  • Decide on details of our Will
  • Cull toys to be sold at Toy Sale
  • Cull Yasmine’s too-small winter clothes
  • Take photos of Eddie and List him in Trading Post
  • Follow up Dept of Immigration re status of Citizenship Ceremony (need to have the ceremony first before I can apply for my passport)
We’ve told a few more people about our plans this past week.  The reaction from most people who have similar aged children is that we’re nuts :)

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