Oct 16, 2010

With 4 Months to go, Book'em Dano!

We took the BIG step and booked our first (of many) flights!  Thanks to our new found ‘friends’ Our Travel Lifestyle :: Changing your families life for the better we learned about an AIRASIA sale already in progress.  Got a great deal flying Melbourne-Kuala Lumpur (KL), one way for all four of us including taxes, luggage, etc, —all for under $900!  After arriving in KL, we’ve got a return to Bali, where we’ll stay 1 month.

So far, we’ve also booked a one-way from Hanoi (Vietnam)-Bangkok-KL, then after a few days in KL, a return trip to the Philippines for 2.5wks.  After that, we’ve booked a one-way trip from KL-Bangalore (India), which is departing late June.  This last trip, including all taxes, luggage allowance, etc, for all 4 of us, cost a grand total of $66 Australian Dollars!!!

So now we await another AirAsia sale—gotta get flights back from India still and also hopefully get over to Hong Kong and China :)  So exciting!!!

Exactly 4 months til our departure from home!!!!!

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