Oct 16, 2010

Sign Of The Times

When I first started traveling in 2000, I took a pocket camera with me and lots and lots of film.  Internet cafes were around, but mostly with slow dial-up access.  I sent lots of postcards to friends and family.
On our second trip in 2003, we had a 2MP digital camera with a 256MB compact flash memory card.  Internet cafe's were more prevalent and more and more friends were on our email list.  We also carried about a dozen CD's, a portable CD player and mini-external speakers with us.

Now 7 years later, the world is a different place and traveling can be quite high tech!  For starters, we're now arming ourselves with a laptop with wi-fi modem, iPod Touch loaded with 160 albums (to date), and a 12MP compact digital SLR camera with a 8MB SDHC card.  We're connected to our friends and family via email, facebook and now tumblr.  And we've yet to look into Skype and Twitter.

Will it be easier to stay 'connected'?  Time will tell.  More importantly, we hope that everything will work as it should and that none of our new gadgets will get lost, broken, stolen or worse yet, be more hassle than they're worth!

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