Nov 8, 2010

The Price To Pay For Cheap Airfares

Another AirAsia sale his morning so Jim and I set the alarm to get up at 4am (sale started at 3am) in hopes of nabbing some cheap airfares, only to encounter problems with their server for the next 1.5hrs.  Arghhh.  But alas, we were finally able to make some bookings. 

Due to more research on India and its seasonal monsoon period, we decided to try to delay our arrival as much as possible.  As such, we are going to sacrifice our previously purchased A$66 fare from
KL to Bangalore (India) on 15 June.  We have now purchased a return flight from KL to Sri Lanka, which seemed like a better bet for this time of year,  for the month of July for A$300.

 It also seemed cheaper to fly backwards and forwards across the Bay of Bengal from KL-Sri Lanka-KL-India, rather than from Sri Lanka directly to India (or vice versa).  Crazy, but true.  Not good for the carbon footprint, but if you have time (which we do), it'll save us a bit of  $$.

So after returning to KL from Sri Lanka, we're off to India (finally) until the end of October (A$125 for all).  Hopefully it'll be a 'failed monsoon year' too!  Managed to get a $0 flight from Bangalore to Kl but with the taxes, it ended up costing A$210 for all 4 of us--not as cheap as our original flight into Bangalore, which the taxes and $1 MYR flight amounted to $66 for all 4, but not bad.

Thanks again AirAsia.  So far, we've spent approx A$2800 for 13 flights for 4 people, covering 8 different countries and spanning 10 months, with only China and Canada (which is going to be the big whopper) left to cover.

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