Nov 30, 2010

8 Weeks to Go...

...and we (I) am exhausted!  Have been madly packing up the house these past few days, boxing up the clutter and actually seeing clear space on the horizontal surfaces in the house!  It was much easier said than done though as it really wasn't as simple as sweeping it all in a box, or the bin.  Everything needed to be sorted first, its proper home found, THEN
failing that, meeting the bin. Each room got this treatment.  Next followed a thorough clean of the house, including the glass shower screens (x2), glass splashbacks (why, oh why, so much glass!!!), stainless steel oven/cooktop, floors, walls, and all other surfaces.  The outside got the royal treatment too, stowing away all the clutter in the yard, keen to make a good first impression on the prospective tenants as today, we listed the property FOR RENT.  Now we wait --and try to keep the house clean and tidy in the meantime!

8 weeks to go and I have a whole mix of feelings.  On one hand, I feel exhausted from the frantic cleaning and packing.  This is also compounded by the fact that we have Maddy's 5th birthday party to plan and organise for this weekend--'Fairy Garden Party' with 10 little fairies (and some parents) fluttering around our (de-cluttered) backyard.  And now, we also have an unexpected tonsillectomy scheduled for next week too, amongst the Christmas concerts and other year-end wrap ups.  Let's not mention 'the other thing' happening in 25 days which I have to shop and prepare for--ahhhh, deep breath....

But on the other hand, we are extremely excited that we are in full motion to 'D' (departure) day.  8 weeks/ 56 days until we leave for our adventure.  Its really going to happen soon and then we'll be on-our-way!!!  Only a few weeks of work left too.  We're getting lots of things on our 'to-do list' crossed off too, including: passport pics taken, passports renewed, some travel shots administered, wills lodged, valuables locked away, and now, house listed.  Lots more to do still, but we're on track--we hope!

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