Jan 31, 2012

One Week Post-Travel

We returned home one week ago. There were 3 main things about going home that we were looking forward to.

Did they live up to our expectations?

3.  Re: New Beginnings

School doesn’t start until next week, so nothing to update about that, although Maddy is very excited about the prospect.  However, she does appear to be more 'in line' with the 'Grade 1 kids than the kindergarten kids which she will actually join. Yasmine has a kinder orientation later this week.  We are also starting swimming lessons next week too.  Still considering our other options for other activities.

2.   Re:  Friends and Family

The reception that we received from our neighbours and friends upon our return really surprised and overwhelmed us.  Prior to our return, we were a bit nervous as to how people may have moved on without us in this past year. But that was not the case and we were apparently very missed!  The past week has been unexpectedly yet pleasantly filled with get togethers with friends.
And our kids have barely been at home since our return, instead spending their days in the company of the kids in the neighbourhood, riding their bikes, jumping on trampolines, swimming and just playing without a care in the world.

An ad-hoc party on our trampoline!

Riding even in the rain!

This is what was really missing for them in spite of the amazing year that we had. 

1.    Re:  Our Home

We returned to find that our tenant had taken very good care of our house.  They had done an above average job in cleaning it, although the garden was a bit overgrown, which was expected.

As we had gotten rid of the sofa and the bedroom set before we left on the trip, we managed to buy replacements for them through ‘Ebay’ while we were still in Cambodia!   So we are all moved in and furnished now.  We have unpacked about 90% of the boxes but there are still a few more to do and pictures to frame and hang.  It’s getting a bit more challenging to find the motivation to do the rest!

Relaxing on the new sofa,  re-discovering their books again.

Thanks to our friends (and our tenant), we've had a wonderful first week home. 

But after a year away, it’s not just about coming home and unpacking though.  There is still so much more to do--more on that later.

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