Jan 23, 2012

3 Best Things About Going Home

Appropriately, today marks the start of the Year of the Dragon in the Chinese zodiac.  Some of the predictions for this lunar year are 'for great deeds, innovative ideas and big projects...that it will bring excitment...and give happiness and success to good honest people'.

Sounds like the perfect start for us when we get back!

So in the spirit of looking forward, here is our list of our '3 Best Things About Going Home': 

3.  New Beginnings.

No doubt, there will be a lot of changes in store for us when we get back.  

Our eldest will be starting kindergarten/Prep in February, and the youngest will attend pre-school/kinder a few sessions a week.  The kids also want to enrol in extra-curricular activities, such as ballet, swimming, and gymnastics.  We’ll see how that goes, but they are both so excited.

And there are also the renovations we still have planned for our house.  'Big project' indeed!

Then there's the little matter of 'work'.... 

'New Beginnings' will definitely be a prevailing theme for us for a while we think!

2.  Friends and Family.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, they say.  And our year away has made us appreciate our friends so much more.  We are fortunate to have made a great bunch of friends through other parents and their children, through the neighbourhood and through work.  

And having just discovered the concept of ‘cousins’, the kids are keen to get to know their Australian family better too.   

A year’s a long time though, so we can't wait to see and hear how everyone’s been.  There’s even a couple of new babies to meet!

1.  Our House.

Our home is by no means a castle, but it's our haven and we love it there.  The kids can’t wait to have their backyard, with their swing set, trampoline and cubby house to play on.  But most of all, they are bursting with excitement to being able to ride their bikes and scooter around our street.

The kids are also are looking forward to their bedroom and beds back.

And Jim and I are counting the days until we sleep in our own bed again.  Ahhh-- it will be heaven!! Maybe it's our 'old bones' but definitely the major drawback of this past year has been that almost all the beds that we’ve slept on were CRAP!  

This is our last post 'on the road'--we'll be catching our last plane of this trip tomorrow, homeward bound.  

Stay tuned though—we’ll be writing about our integration back into Australian society and  update you once we’re back as to whether it was all as good as we’d expected!

Chinese New Year Dragon Dance at Siam, Bangkok

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