Jan 31, 2011

Life In Sanur

We've been thoroughly immersing ourselves in our new life of leisure here in Sanur for the past 5 days.  We've been sleeping, eating, swimming, getting massaged and pampered, eating again, sleeping again, more eating, more swimming, and even fit in some culture!   And we're doing all of this for less than what we'd spend for a dinner out at home!

Our Homestay
We're currently living on approximately $50 AUD per day for all of us, and that includes our lodgings.  We're all sharing a one room 'homestay' (budget lodgings/simple private rooms) with air-con, linen, hot water, free wi-fi and pool--all for about $22US/AUD/per day! (You can spend more or even less!) Our most expensive meal of the day is usually breakfast, consisting of 2 eggs, bacon, sausage,hash browns, toast, coffee and orange juice for $2.80/each.  The girls have a plate each of this.  We usually eat a cheaper lunch of fried rice (nasi goreng) or fried noodles (mei goreng) or some other Indonesian fare, for about $1.12 US/AUD each and the girls usually share a dish at this point as the portions are quite sufficient.  Occasionally, we have splurged and had the same fare but on the beach for about 3-4x the cost, but what a view!  At night, we've been eating at the 'hawker stands' (Warung) at the Night Market, again for about $1.12 each dish.  Its been interesting getting to know our way around the local dishes, most of which the girls find too spicy for their taste, but Jim's in heaven!

Dinner at the Night Market 'Warungs'

Lunch at 'Mangos On The Beach', Sanur

Other bonuses about cost of living here is that you can afford the little 'luxuries' such as regular massages on or off the beach, which cost about $5.60 USD/AUD for 1hr.  Pedicures, manicures, foot scrubs, and even exfoliation by immersing your crusty feet in a tank of hungry goldfish-sized fish all are on offer for around the same price.  And taxi rides are crazy cheap too--a starting flagfall rate of $0.56 includes approximately your first kilometer--handy when you are traveling with people with little legs ;)

Aside from all the eating and loafing around, we did manage to incorporate our first 'cultural' event last night.  We took the girls to see Balinese 'Legong' Dancing, performed at a local restaurant on the Sanur beachwalk.  The performance lasted 1hr and featured 5 different traditional routines performed by beautifully attired and decorated dancers.  The girls were enthralled.  We treated ourselves to dessert while watching the free performance, indulging in fried banana, balinese crepes filled with coconut, and a banana split for the girls.  The cost for our event??  Just under $5.00 USD/AUD, which was the total cost of our desserts.

We haven't managed to see too much of the rest of Bali yet as we are still in 'relax mode'.  We're hoping that by the end of the week, we will venture forth to other parts of the island, with Candidasa a likely destination.  Stay tuned.


  1. What an experience for them to look back on! I can see that the blog is pretty essential for them. They'll remember so much more, even though it costs you the extra time at the end of the day! Or do you not feel the time factor, whilst on holidays.

    Jenn N.

  2. Nope, blogging/writing isn't really a problem when you don't have most of the day to day chores to contend with!

  3. Looks Great guys. Have fantastic time! what an experience for the girls!

    Take Care

    Scott Coleman

  4. Hey there,
    Just back from lakes, and weird to see new faces looking down on us from your loungeroom window!!! Great to see your journey has started and you are at your first stop. Ruby and Josh miss the girls already and will be keeping up on all the goings on via this blog..enjoy the sunshine and massages!!
    Love ..from your neighbours at home..

  5. What an amazing experience for your family. I look forward to reading about your travels - your blog is real, warm and very entertaining. Your first stop sounds fantastic and you can't beat these prices. Until the next time have a massage for me. Elana

  6. Glad you are settling in so well to life on the road and relaxing. Well done on doing Bali for $50 a day. Its great to know it can be done. We were idiots when we were there - we went crazy in holiday mode. Had two rooms, ate out in restaurants, drank far too many cocktails as they were cheap.

  7. hi, it can be done, and even done for cheaper as we're splurging on hot water and air con :) We usually eat in the 'restuarants' that the locals eat in, although occationally we do indulge at the tourist ones too for a bit more atmoshere. just eat where the locals eat, for a fraction of the price! No cocktails for us, although we have been indulging in massages!! we're in holiday mode too--hence the eat,beach,eat,sleep daily routine ;)

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