Jan 23, 2011

The Big Move

Well, its done--we're officially leading a nomadic life for the next 12 months!  

We turned the house over to the Real Estate Agent this morning;  the tenants pick up the keys to their new home this afternoon.  Its been an exhausting weekend and come to think of it, a tiring 7+ months of planning.  A small price to pay!

Our last weekend at home was spent frantically, yet methodically packing up the final bits and CLEANING.
Although we've moved house only a little over 2yrs ago, moving out for a new owner versus moving out for a new tenant are vastly different exercises.  When you've sold a house, you leave the place 'clean' out of good-will, but the actual level of cleanliness is really a bonus. 

 On the other hand, when you are an owner leaving your place to a tenant, you really have to do 'karma cleaning'--that is, you hope that the state you leave it in will be the state that you get it back!  You're also more concerned about being pro-active with regards to maintenance issues and you try to attend to anything that you think might be an issue over the year, which is easier said than done, especially in the garden. Our house is definitely cleaner now than it was when we first moved in--pity that we're not there to enjoy it!!  

In any case, we are proud of our efforts and our time management, having completed everything on our list.  It was really helpful too that in the past couple of weeks, our kids have become very friendly with the 2 kids who live next door (who have been there ever since we moved in!) so that while we were busy doing the boring stuff, the girls basically went to their new family next door for attention!!  We are very grateful to have such great neighbours--our weekend would have been a nightmare and not nearly as productive were it not for them!!

Last bits of things tended to today included getting our Twinrix/Haverix injections, canceling the home phone/internet and mobile (you can only cancel this when you actually want it terminated!), returning library books, and internet banking.   

Over the past week, we've also finally organised home/landlord/contents insurance as well as travel insurance.  Last week, not only did Jim finish up work (thus concluding his apprenticeship!), but he also managed to get 2 molars extracted--not great timing and a bit unexpected, but at least its done!  We have a full day tomorrow, with a follow up visit to the dentist for Jim, a trip to VicRoads to turn in our plates and cancel our car registration, canceling Roadside Assistance, then visiting with a few people before we head off to the airport at 11pm.

Its all been a bit of a whirlwind these past few days--although its a time that we've been working towards, suddenly it just sneaks up on you.  Saying our goodbyes has been a bit weird and unexpectedly emotional too as many of our friendships have been quite new and recent and now its like, we're just going to check out of this day-to-day life for the next 365 days or so, and then, voila, we'll be back.   

Madeleine's been struggling a bit with the goodbyes too as she's at an age where she's starting to appreciate her friendships. But at her age, friendships can still be fleeting and fickle so it'll be interesting how it ends up a year from now.   

In any case, we've been fortunate to have made many good friends in our time here who have all been supportive and good company.  See you all when we get back and until then, keep in touch and keep well!

So this will probably be the last post in the 'Pre-Trip Planning' category of our trip--now onto the TRIP!  First stop, KL and BALI!!!  Approximate time to departure:  33 hours.


  1. Can't wait to read the next installment! Travel safely.

  2. Well darlings the time has come, enjoy yourselves. It was a pleasure having you all stay last night. Madeline and Yasmin please listen to your mum and dad and hold their hands. Love you guys Anne

  3. Good luck with your exciting travels, sounds fab (and brave!) Hope all goes well